A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Current development

This a a prototype project I have been working on over the summer holidays but it has been put on hold due to increasing complexity and my current lack of knowledge in Unity. 

I got most of my inspiration from playing Hearthstone but with many new features such as a horizontal layout, multiple dropzones, resource management, ranged tank units, infinite card decks, local coop etc.

Planned features

  • Special card abilities
  • Each player has a high health BattleEngine that has a separate card deck which increases in power as the game progresses. The game is won when the enemy BattleEngine is destroyed.
  • Different card types such as hovercraft, walkers, buildings, turrets etc.
  • Networked multiplayer
  • Level up with card unlocks

Install instructions

Unzip the download and open the file "BattleEngineArena.zip". Open the file current build and run the executable "BattleEngine Arena.exe" by double clicking it and choose an appropriate resolution and quality setting. Once the game settings have been configured, press "play" to play the game.


BattleEngineArena.zip 20 MB


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